In Jakub Vrba’s That’s Very Good we see an indistinct image of someone, a person wearing an Alpine-style hat, their back to us. A projector is started, and it can be heard running loudly after that; it sounds like a generator. It projects nature scenes also indistinct onto the person, mainly onto a wall or screen in front of them. An idyllic forest scene is recognizable, a deer, a doe, or something like that.
In an ironically emphatic tone this someone comments on what’s shown, Oh, that’s pretty!, Oh, that’s just so pretty!, Wow, that’s really pretty!, struggling to find the right words: Unbelievably pretty!, It’s so pretty!, Pretty as a picture!, Oh my God, how pretty! The longer the person tries to express their feelings in some way other than this more or less banal manner, the more futile the attempts become. There’s a lack of expressiveness, and so what’s said, in fact, doesn’t say much. The sound of the projector hammers even more powerfully onto the scene, thereby mechanizing nature.

Bernhard Seiter
Video, 4:30min
Das ist sehr gut
screenings (selection):
Int. Film Festival Milano 2015
European Media Art Festival Osnabrück 2010
Int. Kurzfilm-Festival & No Budget Hamburg 2010
Film Festival Chicago Onion City 2010
Intern. Festival for Fine Arts Szolnok 2010 (First Prize Student Award)
Antimatter Underground Film Festival Victoria 2010
VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Wien 2010
Lille - Recontres Audiovisuelles 2009
Film:Riss Kurzfilmfestival Salzburg 2009
25fps Film & Video Festival Zagreb 2009
Film Festival Athens (USA) 2009
Festival des österreichischen Films Diagonale Graz 2009