Comics, Animated films, Posters 2012 - ongoing
Drawing comics has been part of my praxis since the beginning of my training as an artist, being that throughout the last years my comics works have always shifted between a completely independent body of work and the one of a close interconnection with the conception of my experimental films.
This last praxis made me develop a very sui generis mechanism of artistic production, and for some time it was this relation between comics and experimental film production that best defined my work and thoughts. Nevertheless, drawing comics has recently become an independent project of profuse image production related with rhythm, rituals and routines. The very act of drawing embedded itself in everyday life and despite a smoothly recognizable storyboard style, my comics broke up with the film production process. It was perhaps this engagement between comics and quotidian that built a mirroring praxis that reflects in my drawings not only my personal present but also and mainly my positioning as an individual in society.
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Interndinner series
Sudetbuswisdom; 125 x 220 cm, drawing on a lightboox for the Exhibition Pozor/ Kalte Grenze (topic: Anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain between Austria and Czech Republic); Kunstsammlungen des Landes Oberösterreich; Linz; 2014
poster for an exhibition of drawings related to work and power; Lahti, Finland; 2013
invitation to a drawing session at Bildetage, Vienna, Austria; 2013
drawing;o.T.; 2015
drawing;"Horror im Kinderzelt"; 2015
publication; "Intellectual Property"; hardcover, 56 pages, B/W,14,5 x 11, 50 Copies, self published; 2014
Glow stick installation for the exhibition Wir werden alle noch umfallen in FLUC; Vienna 2017