2-Channel Video Installation/Film
In the streets of Paris tragedy is eminent. Way before the viewers can find themselves
surrounded by the Jolie Parisienne a sort of catastrophe takes place.
U.I.F. tells us about an event obviously related to a terrorist attack. Distortion and
disproportion are quickly assimilated as part of the incident that breaks unexpectedly any
thread of normality.
Dressed up in a dreamy suburban attitude, its superficiality comes also in terms of the
used technique; it is filmed in a Mac Book computer using the “Photo Booth” software with
the application of a Paris city background.
The film comes to its climax when the violence of the symbolic terrorist act ethereally
vanishes into the sunny garden of the suburban villa, the disturbing noise is nothing but a
leave blower and the explosions coming now clearly from fireworks give the hole set a kind
of festive atmosphere.
Everything is going to be ok and nothing has past of a nightmare or of the evening news.

Ana de Almeida
Festival des österreichischen Films Diagonale Graz 2012
CROSSING EUROPE Filmfestival Linz 2012
Installation view; BB15; Linz; 2013